Electric Boiling Pan 100 litres capacity
  • Electric Boiling Pan 100 litres capacity

Electric Boiling Pan 100 litres


Introducing our Electric Boiling Pan with a generous 100-liter capacity, designed for indirect heating. Unlike traditional models, this boiling pan generates high-pressure steam via an installed evaporator, ensuring uniform heat distribution throughout the entire volume—not just the bottom. This advanced heating technique makes our boiling pans ideal for cooking a variety of products, including jams, soups, chutneys, or simply boiling water. 

Our state-of-the-art boiling pans are designed with a double-jacketed heating tank, crafted entirely from acid-resistant stainless steel, ensuring both durability and top-notch hygiene standards. The contents of the heat tank are efficiently heated by steam generated in the space between the jackets, known as the heater.
Leveraging modern technology and premium materials, our boiling pans meet the highest utility and sanitary requirements. The counterbalanced lid allows for effortless opening and secure positioning at any angle, while the convenient drain valve facilitates easy and efficient draining of cooked products.
Key Features:
- Superior Materials: All food-contact components are made from 1.4301 grade acid-resistant stainless steel, while the housing features 1.4509 grade stainless steel for enhanced durability.
- Advanced Heating System: The water for steam generation is heated by electric heaters situated between the inner and outer bottoms of the heat tank. The control system allows precise adjustment of heating intensity via a thermostat, complemented by a three-stage heating power control to optimize electricity consumption.
- Safety and Efficiency: The boiling pan includes a temperature limiter to protect the heaters, an electronic water level control system that signals the need for water replenishment, and pressure control to maintain optimal steam pressure, minimizing steam loss and reducing water refills. Additionally, safety fittings are standard to guard against excessive pressure.
Our boiling pans not only deliver exceptional performance but also ensure energy efficiency and operational safety, making them the perfect choice for any professional kitchen looking to elevate its cooking capabilities.
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