Gas Combi Steamer 6x1/1GN
  • Gas Combi Steamer 6x1/1GN

Gas Combi Steamer 10x1/1GN


-Four cooking modes: hot air cooking, steam cooking, combination cooking and Finishing

-ClimaPlus control of the cabinet humidity for perfect results

-Programming function - create and store 50 programs with up to six steps

-Precise core temperature probe

-Saves time and money on energy and raw materialsIntegral hand shower

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A range of high specification combi steamers, including fully automatic Opus SelfCooking Center© whitefficiency© and manual Opus CombiMaster© Plus models.

The Opus SelfCooking Center© whitefficiency© is easier to use than any conventional combi steamer. Using a touch screen you simply select the desired result and leave the machine to work out the optimum cooking process.

HighDensityControl – ensures that heat and humidity are delivered evenly to every part of the cooking cabinet, guaranteeing perfect results irrespective of batch size.

SelfCookingControl – simply select the desired result and leave the Opus SelfCooking Center whitefficiency to set the appropriate cooking mode, temperature time and humidity levels.

EfficientLevelControl – efficient preparation and monitoring of a mix of dishes.

CareControl – intelligent care and cleaning of the cooking cabinet and steam generator.

Opus CombiMasterPlus combi steamers deliver consistently reliable results at an affordable price. The latest generation includes ClimaPlus© control of humidity and a versatile programming function.

Lincat combi steamers are available in sizes ranging from 6 × 1/1 GN to 20 × 2/1 GN, with all models available in gas or electric.

Power rating (kW)