Gas Grill length 145cm
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  • Gas Grill length 145cm

Gas Grill length 145cm


The Line 5, comes in a new size, and is designed for clients for whom space is at a premium. The main difference from the otherGRESILVA® Grills is in the grid, which is placed higher to facilitate use of the traditional “sardine grid”. 
There are direct water inlets and outlets, electric lighters and four wheels to enable it to be moved around.

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The distinguishing feature of the GRESILVA® Horizontal Gas Grill is its unique grilling system. On the upper part, there is a horizontal grid where the food is placed. The heat sources are positioned at a lower level and outside the cooking area. Heat is supplied by burners made up of ceramic radiation plates, which are arranged diagonally, in such a way as to provide enough heat for cooking, at the same time allowing fat and waste to fall without coming into contact with the heat source. When the burners are working at maximum, the radiation plates reach a temperature of 850º within seconds, thus achieving the much sought-after intense heat without flames or charcoal.Grilling is an extremely healthy way of cooking, and the MEGA GRILL GRESILVA excels at producing grilled food which is very tasty and good for the health. Although heated by gas, a 100% natural heat is emitted which affects neither the quality nor the taste of the food, resulting in well-cooked and succulent grilled food. With the heat source at the side.the food is cooked wíthout flame or charcoal, which means that no benzopyrenes are formed. These are highly carcinogenic substances, formed whenever an organic substance, especially of animal or vegetable origin, is charred.The heat source consists of high-output low-consumption burners, which can work singly or together. The temperature can be adjusted, and the equipment does not need constant attention by the user, as no flames are produced.

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